South Bay’s largest food bank, serving over 2,400,000 people in 2023!

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Pastor John Hernandez, President and Senior Pastor

Through our vision and action, we demonstrate our passion for assisting those in need. We have no zip code restrictions and do not discriminate against anyone in need. All are welcome!

In November of 2005, as part of our mission to serve the community, we began to fight hunger by gathering and distributing food, engaging in partnerships that advance self-sufficiency and by providing leadership on issues related to hunger.

Since then we’ve helped over 5,000,000 people directly and indirectly by supporting other non-profits and community groups.

Thank you for taking an interest in what we do here at New Challenge Ministries, if you can support us with a donation we would be incredibly grateful, as you can imagine we rely on your generosity to make any of this possible. Thank you!

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Our impact

In addition to distributing to the community (foster children, military families, seniors, shelters, homeless distribution organizations), we also support various local organizations, including:

Our story

In 1981, after moving to LA from Montana, Pastor John founded New Challenge Ministries with Reverend Mark Flick and John Snider.

In 1994, Pastor John met his wife, Laura. Bringing years of customer service experience and a heart for helping people, Laura helped NCM take on the form we know today.

In 2005, Pastor John and Laura began distributing food to combat the ever-growing problem of food inequality. Their goal is to ensure that everyone who comes to NCM experiences respect, dignity and humanity.

By 2019, Pastor John and Laura, with the help of their inspiring volunteers, were helping over 1 million people a year. With the onset of Covid, their task of helping those in need has not become any easier.


Jennifer S. Elkin

Much of the NCM’s success in supporting tens of thousands of needy and hungry residents is owing to the tireless commitment, energy, drive, determination and effort of its leader, Pastor John Hernandez. John inspires all of us to do all we can and much more by instilling in each of us the notion that feeding the hungry is perhaps the most noble direct gift we can provide. He leads by example and is an extraordinary role model. Moreover, John is responsible and is an effective leader and manager - necessary qualities required in order to organize and delegate to an ever - growing number of volunteers

Neslie Akkol

When Counseling4Kids ran out of new toys for foster kids during Christmas, John and Laura donated hundreds of new and high-quality toys so that each child was given a toy during the holidays. Most recently, they donated more than 200 new backpacks children who live in domestic violence shelters – through another nonprofit organization named Present Now.

Emmanuel G. Marquez

Pastor John and New Challenge Ministries is a perfect example of what the American public is capable of. Supporting one another through multiple different programs and numerous volunteers is a tremendous task in itself, and one in which Pastor John has displayed exceptional leadership and managerial skills to oversee NCM’s outreaches. Continued funding for New Challenges Ministries is a must for the military community in Southern California.

Bruno Perron

New Challenge Ministries helps so many families in need. As a volunteer of the biggest food bank in the South Bay I have seen Pastor John feeding so many hungry families as well as giving them clothes, backpacks and school supplies for kids and just being a super giver to the entire community.

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